An Adventure Through Time

The Stellar Quest: A Subterranean Adventure

In the year 2415, earth-dwelling humans do not live on the land anymore, but within "island cities," structures of metal and crystal, rising like giant mushrooms above the plains of Earth. Most never ever venture outdoors, employing instead, drone-like virtual reality devices to capture the experience for them, convinced that humanity's past environmental misdeeds must never be repeated. The Hagertons of New Allentown, Pa., however, have permission to do so, but their lives will never be the same again, not after father and son, Keith and Jeffrey Hagerton, go on a Sunday autumnal excursion to the long abandoned tourist stop, Crystal Cave, in the once upon a time land based town of Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

Kayelle's Return: A Sci-Fi at Christmastime

Alex Preston and Ray Shivera, two students from the University of Miami, Florida are part of a college group on a summer archaeological tour of Peru, South America in 1986 with their very popular and well-like professor, Dr. Norman S. Sherman. The tour takes the group eventually to Nazca, Peru, and the lines of Nazca, made famous for being thought of as possible landing fields and symbolic markers for extraterrestrial visitors from other worlds. The Nazca Plain in fact stood as a curious strip of land the Inca Indians had used as a painter’s canvas upon which they had scribbled twisted patterns and lines into the hard red desert rock. From the ground the lines were meaningless, and as roads went nowhere. Yet from the air they formed patterns and shapes: a condor, a fish, a spider, a monkey. They were believed to have been etched by the Inca themselves, for their gods who they hoped would see them.

Yesterday's Child: An Adventure Through Time

Michael DeAngelo was a gifted high school senior, with a girlfriend, and a life he hoped would bring him to MIT and finally to a career as an Aerospace Engineer. But then he met Melinda, a somewhat reclusive, but very pretty fellow senior that up until their final year in high school Michael never even knew existed. But she knew he did. And as I said, they met, and things just... took off from there, for the future, that is.. literally.